The YOGA of Trust…AcroYoga

Acro yoga , the yoga of trust !! I had a chance to do a workshop last year and after that I was hooked . I have never found any other yoga forms that has kept me laughing and happy from start to end , at least after the warm up.
There are two schools of AcroYoga , namely the American AcroYoga which is a mix of partner acrobatics, Thai massage, and yoga and the Canadian version is Yin yoga and acrobatics. More common is probably the American style.
Essentially, both versions build a practice of the understanding of trust. Trusting complete strangers in minutes , trust of our own bodies, and trusting the spotter and base not to let me fall and most whom attended , trust in the fact that it’s was a lot of fun to do these amazing things , I never thought i could do.
In a typical class, students learn how to base, fly, and how to spot(making sure the flyer and base are safe in all aspects, a safety net if you will). By participating in all three roles, we learn how to trust complete strangers very quickly, power lines –stacking of bones to achieve balance, communication with our partners and eventually let out our inner acrobat out.
The practice of AcroYoga is split into two parts, Acrobatic (Solar) and Therapeutic (Lunar). Solar is the ‘flash’ sequences and Lunar has a more therapeutic side of healing. Like helping your partner stretch their spine , massage their shoulders hanging upside down. Kind of similar to the mindful adjustments from your teacher at the end of class to help stretch out certain areas (generally envoking a feel good reciprocation or a release ) , just generally upsize down.
So if you ever get a chance , take a step outside your mat, amazing things could truly happen. AcroYoga also creates a sense of tribe and celebration which is hard to find anywhere else. May you join me and thousands to give it at try, in sharing love, light, and flight. Namaste!!
Thea YTT 200hrs

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