Yoga is not about touching your toes… [Nga]

Starting from life, from education, from culture, people always wanna be winner, better than the others. For example, when they go to school, they need get higher score to compare with class mates, when they go to the office, they need higher position, higher salary, when they do sport, they always want to become the winner…
When I start to do yoga, I always tried to get the right pose with all energy and don’t care about my body getting hurt. Even I do the pose just because i always wanna be the best in class. By the time, i recognise that “yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn from the way down!”
Yoga is not a sport. Its not competition between 2 or many people. Its a competition with yourself. You should practise yoga asana within your limit and improve day by day. And the most difficulty is overcoming yourself. Perfection maybe the destination, but the process is happiness. Don’t think about the outcome, just think about intension and go with it! Thats what I learn from yoga, not only for the asana, but also for everything in my life.

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