Yoga to me, then and now.

If anyone met me when I was 13 and had asked me what I thought Yoga encompasses of, I would say meditation. I thought of it as superficial, especially for those who did all talk and their actions showed only through social media photos of them in seated poses (which ultimately defeats the purpose if you’re doing it to humble brag and not actually for your own well-being). Yoga just never made sense to me considering I had so much on my mind even at the age of 13 – about making new friends in a new school and dealing with boy issues.

Besides the point, I was an ignorant child who never even bothered to google what Yoga is about. And here I am today, with so much knowledge on what Yoga is, to me and to others, and its origins. I am awfully enlightened and my mind is just made of desperate fingers trying to grasp onto every bit of knowledge of new Sanskrit terms (unfortunately my brain capacity does not permit this). I found myself realising that a lot of concepts in Yoga align with the Universe and the cosmos, though so do other religions (as long as someone makes sense of it and creates a link between something spiritual and how we are designed to be naturally). But ultimately the end is always that the teachings leave us with good morals that shape us and our characters. At least for Yoga (to clarify I do not see it as a religion, I had thought of it as one initially but after 4 weeks of YTT that has changed. It is still much easier to explain to non-practicers of yoga that the religion affiliated with it is Hinduism, which I hope I can soon find an answer to this situation), it has brought me to a higher perspective of life and how to view it. All this information has been dormant in my life for the past 7 years. And somehow it has found its way to me, in the strangest and yet in a beautiful way – something I only realised after one of the theory classes in YTT.