Yoga Therapy on Back Pain

The back is a complex structure made up of bones of the vertebrae, muscles, nerves and joints. The complexity makes it hard to identify the exact cause of general back pain.
Some common causes include:
– Long periods of sedentary lifestyle resulting in weak / tight muscles at the hip region
– Poor posture
– Incorrect method of lifting, bending, carrying, pushing or pulling heavy objects
– Weak core
– Excessive pressure on the back (from pregnancy, obesity or running)
Yoga therapy is a holistic alternative to painkillers / medication in managing back pain. It should be a preferred method if the subject is not suffering from any underlying medical condition as it can help resolve the root cause and therefore is a highly effective and sustainable treatment. This is done through a combination of stretching and strengthening of the muscles.
Through the sequence, the following can be achieved:-
– Stretch and relax through suitable yoga postures for back pain relief
– Achieve better posture, balance and body alignment; and
– Be more aware of your body and limitations so as to prevent injuries
1. Pranayama – Anuloma Viloma
2. Joint warm-up
3. Surya namaskar A x 3
4. Surya namaskar B x 3
5. Padangusthasana
6. Utthita trikonasana
7. Prasarita Padotthanasana A and C
8. Eka pada raja kapotanasana
9. Bhujangasana
10. Shalambhasana
11. Dhanurasana
12. Setu bandha sarvangasana
13. Ustrasana
14. Marichyasana C
15. Yoga Nidra
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