Yoga – a disciplined practice

I will admit to you now. Discipline is not my forte. 

When it comes to getting up early, eating right and moderately, drinking lots of water, sleeping early to daily yoga practices… to cutting off all my incredibly doggy bad habits. Have I succeeded so far? Well, I have gotten out of bed at 6am for more than 2 months now! That might not sound like much to those of you who have kids, but for me, a designer who is used to working late, it is an absolute feat! A new habit that I will continue after all yoga classes end at Tirisula as I can now see the benefits of it. I am a lot more energized through the day and mentally a lot more positive!

Nutrition discipline, however, is still a struggle for me. You see, I love food. All sorts especially Singaporean food. I eat for taste and comfort, not for fuel. Nowadays, I feel really guilty when I overeat on chocolates or ice creams. I think its a good sign that I am beginning to look at the food I eat, the amount and nutritional values of the food. Well… at the very least, I have started eating dinners at 6pm and no food after 7pm. Still a long way from fasting on vegetable juices but hey, baby steps!

Why torture myself you would say? We only live once! (That is my head talking!) I’ll tell you why. Besides it being my responsibility to keep my physical, mental, spiritual self healthy, it logically concludes that they are all interlinked… It determines the quality of life I live.  If my digestive system, or respiratory systems are weak, it clouds the mind and takes energy away from spiritual practices. Thank goodness I have the discipline to practice daily pranayama, asana poses and meditation! 

Despite that, everyone keeps telling me I look so much brighter and better! That should be motivation enough to make the necessary changes. 

Note to myself… One day at a time. 


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