Yoga: Themed Plan: Trikonasana

 Warm up 1: 8 min.  

1 Neck Tilt right, left.  Rotate clockwise x 2, counterclockwise x 2
2 Shoulder Rotate clockwise x 10, counterclock x 10
3 Shoulder/arms Rotate arms in front clockwise x 10 counterclockwise x 10
4 Shoulder/arms Couw Face Pose
5 Chest/upper back/shoulder Round the back with interlock fingers and stretch to the front, right , left
6 Chest/upper back/shoulder Interlock fingers at back and stretch
7 Side abs Tilt right and left
8 Waist Rotate hips
9 Knees  Rotate clockwise x 10, counterclock x 10
10 Knees  bend and stretch x 10
11 ankles and wrists shake
 Warm Up 2: 8 min. 

12 Hips and legs Squat down
13 Hips and legs Low Longe pose
14 abs From 1 knee on the ground.  Side abs rigth and left
15 abs Lie down on the back.  Abs x 20
 Practical 4 min.  Instructions
 Use the wall Stand by the wall.  Your back is attaching to the wall
  Step legs sideways to apart (about 3-3.5ft)
  Tuck in the tailbone and squeeze the buttocks to maintain the firm stance.
  Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right with the right knee pointing in the same line as toes
  Make sure your body with a single plane.  Try not to away from the wall.
  Inhale both arms up at the shoulder level, lean the body to the right side
  Inhale stretch to the right
  Exhale bend the body and place the right hand on the shin or on the floor.
  Inhale extend the left arm up towards the ceiling.
  Exhale turn the neck and gaze up towards the ceiling.
  Try not to tilt forward or backward.  Open the chest. 
  Inhale contract the abs and bring the body upright
  Exhale while arms are still keeping at the shoulder level
  Left foot 90 degrees pointing to the left side.  Right foot slightly inward at 45 degrees
  Inhale lean to the left
  Exhale stretch the body and turn
  Inhale extend the right arm up towards the ceiling
  Exhale turn the neck and gaze up towards the ceiling.
  Inhale slowly bring the body upright
  Exhale release your arms


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