Yoga & the Mind

Doing asanas every day not only has its physical benefit, it also has its mental benefits. I find that my mind has become clearer compared to the first day of YTT, because doing asanas expel any thoughts in my head. Some poses can be really unforgiving, one string of self-doubt and the pose collapses. In that sense, doing asanas forces me to discipline my mind, bringing all my energy and focus to find that balance so I can hold a pose.

Off the mat, I’ve become more aware of my own thoughts, and that I am in control of them. When I catch myself thinking negatively about anything or anyone, it takes discipline and compassion to forgive and to let go, and to replace them with positive thoughts. Because my mind is also less cluttered than before, I feel like my senses have also become sharper. Anything I receive from my senses, I am better able to perceive them as is, and not what I think they should be.

It’s difficult to maintain a clear mind throughout the day, because my mind is so used to multitasking, making opinions, and thinking logically, but doing asanas makes it all go away because it grounds me in the present. There is only that moment, and there is only my breathing. 

Although having a mind that is clear and quiet feels foreign to me, I hope that my yoga practise will eventually bring me to a state where I am able to maintain a peaceful mind without the help of any asanas. 🙂