First Yoga teaching experience

After the 4th week of our yoga teacher program, we got introduced to teaching. We got explained how we should break down a 60 minute lesson. The lesson starts with a short introduction, then a warm up, next Asana, and lastly cooling down and closing with nice meditation. Well that was easy, I thought. Ohh how wrong I was.

But coming to plan the lesson independently, I realized how much work you have to put into the lesson, to make sure that it is worthwhile for your students. First of all I needed to decide how I want to structure the lesson including how to deliver it to my students. Especially for ultra-beginners and beginners, who have little to no knowledge about yoga, and the principles of our body… For intermediate it is a challenge to keep them excited but not go over the top, especially because one does not want that a student losses self-confidence and gives up. For advanced you have to challenge them and introduce them to all the technical stuff, so that they know and understand how to master a difficult pose.

After I have finished the write up of the lesson-plans, the week of teaching finally arrived. I was nervous and anxious at the same time hoping that everybody understood and liked my lessons. I had to adapt my voice according to the specific situation. I had to manipulate them into pushing their limits. I had to calm them down when I saw that some of them were frustrated, hence keeping a positive and soothing atmosphere. I had to adjust them, correct them and cheer them up… Wow that was not easy. It’s really tiring and it takes a lot of focus and control to sustain a 60minute class but it was a lot of fun. If you finish the lesson and everybody is smiling, you know that it was worth it.

It is also great to get feedback, to be able to reflect upon yourself. Even if the comments are not always positive. But hey your just human, next time you will do it right. I still have a lot to learn and many classes to attend, but hopefully in the end I can become the yoga teacher I am inspired to become.  


SH             200hrs September weekday 

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