Yoga teaches me to slow down

In this dynamic world, it is no doubt that one can’t slow down. When I am not doing anything I felt that something is wrong and I should be doing something useful or purposeful. Allocating time for myself was never in my purposeful agenda.

Yoga, taught me to slow down and to dedicate time for my mind and body. It teaches me the beauty of appreciating things around me, even the smallest. The smallest things was always the one that everyone took for granted. Like when you ask for direction from a passerby and he offered to walk you to the destination instead. This actually happened when my family and I was in Taiwan, a guy actually walk us to the place that we were searching for.

Yoga taught me that it is ok to not meet the social expectations, I know that meeting mine expectations are good enough. Satisfied. Social Expectations bars are always raising but so was mine.

Yoga taught me to look at all the beautiful things in different vision. Simply sitting by the beach watching the sunset is euphoric.

Yoga taught me that every self achievement is celebratory. Like completing a work tasks or ticking things off my bucket list. Everyone has different ways of celebrating. For me, it’s always wine and good food.