What do a Yoga teacher and a Corporate Coach have in common?

I enjoy many benefits of practicing yoga and becoming more aware of my body parts, my breathing and how all these affects my daily life.
When I started the teaching sessions in the 200hr YTT course, I realised there’s a difference between being a yoga teacher and being a yoga student. As a yoga student practicing on the mat, it’s all about me. It’s about how I developed awareness of my own body, my senses of where I experience tightness in my body and the joy of overcoming challenging yoga poses.
However, as a yoga teacher, the focus is no longer about me.
I find Rich Litvin’s quote very applicable to being a coach and a yoga teacher.

“A great coach doesn’t share their insights with a client. A great coach helps a client have their own insights. The former makes the coach look intelligent. The latter will change their clients’ lives.” – Rich Litvin, professional coach

As a corporate coach, my greatest achievement is not about the vast amount of information I give to my client to show how much I know. My success as a coach is measured by how I enable clients to find the answers from within themselves and empower them to succeed in their career.
Similarly, as a yoga teacher, how perfect and beautifully I managed to come into a yoga pose will mean nothing if I am not able to help the students understand the techniques of each asana pose, guide them into the different poses and support them in their yoga journey.
To become a corporate coach and a yoga teacher require a mind set shift from focusing on oneself to the person we are working with. It requires stripping away one’s own ego and learning how to help the other person become better. At this moment, I am still in this learning journey of how to become a better coach and maybe eventually a yoga teacher.
The 200hr YTT has really helped me to see things from a different perspective and open my heart to helping others through their journeys in life.
200hr YTT Vinyasa Sept 2015 (Weekend)

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