Yoga Sutra IV.9

Jati desa kala vyavahitanam api anantaryam smrti samskarayoh ekarupatvat
“Life is a continuous process, even though it is demarcated by race, place and time. Due to the uninterrupted close relationship between memory and subliminal impressions, the fruits of actions remain intact from one life to the next, as if there were no separation between births.”
We are here now in the body we inhabit. The 21st century, the country we reside in and the time is the present. Even though we feel our lives are limited to the resiliance of our organs and the elaticity of our skin, our reality is not defined by this vessel called “body”.
Our culture, in this time and place has misinformed us as to the meaning of death. Daily we are witness to the death of our bodies, and the bodies of others. Our bodies decay and are returned to nature. But this is not our true death because we are not just our bodies, but our bodies are vessels holding our energy.
In nature we witness the death of vegitation above ground, but what we can not see is the root still alive underground. Our bodies and energy containted within it are the same as the plant and the unseen root underground.
Bodily death is the same as the season of winter. With spring comes regeneration, and if all the conditions are right the vegetation sprouts again and starts the growth process until it reaches fruitation and then winter comes and the process begins again.
We are no different than this energy. Our birth is our spring and our death is our winter. The difference is that our seasons are not defined by a twelve month period. We do not die but regenerate into a new vessel. Just as the plants start from the same root so do all of our lives. The memories from this current season have shaped this current life. The life we live today is a direct result to the choices made during this life (season). There are also “impressions” left by our previous life (seasons). These impressions are actions resulting from choices made from another time, place and body. Some of these are also defining our current life, but we are directly unaware of them.
It is the relationship of these current actions (memories) and past actions (impressions) that create a flow of continuous life. When our bodies decay and return to nature they also spring again from nature when the conditions are right. We refer to this process in humans and animals as birth, but as you can see as in nature there is no separation between the seasons they are a continuous cycle and therefore being part of nature we have a continuous cycle and therefore have no separation between births.

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