Yoga sutra iii.27 “bhuvanajnanam surye samyamat”

“By samyama on the sun the yogi will have knowledge of the seven worlds, and of the seven cosmic centers in the body.”
At first glance this sutra can be a little confusing if your trying to understand the literal meaning, but by using yogic meaning of the terms sense can be made.  The sun is the sahasrara chakra located at the crown of the head.  The seven worlds are specific regions of the body and the seven cosmic centers are the seven major chakras.
To gain an understanding of this sutra on a personal level I suggest practicing light meditation, basically focusing the attention on the flame of a candle or lamp.
The practice of light meditation uses the focus on the light to gain concentration.  Once concentration is achieved it is placed on specific parts of the body.  These points are also known as the “seven worlds and seven cosmic centers”.
The meditation begins at the bottom of the body and flows upward.  The first point is the big toe, then the ankle, the calf, the knee and the thigh.  These physical body parts correspond to the aerial region of the seven worlds.
Following you shift to the pelvic region, which is both an aerial region and the muladhara chakra.  Next attention is focused on the svadhistana around the sacral or genital area, then to the navel which is the manipurka chakra then to the anahata chakra in the region of the heart, then then visuddhi in the throat, then the ajan between the eyebrows and lastly saharara, crown of the head.
If you follow the sequence it is easy to understand the sutra since you begin at the feet and work your way up to the sun, or the sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.  Since you have paid attention to the “seven worlds and the seven cosmic centers” therefore  you have knowledge of what is occurring in each area by the time you reach the sun.

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