Yoga Sutra ii.7 “sukha anusayi ragah”

“Pleasure leads to desire and emotional attachment”
I look forward to my afternoon cup of tea.  It is not so much which tea, sometimes I have coffee.  I usually have a snack as well.  I hold the hot cup in my hand, smell the aroma, close my eyes and feel the steam on my face.  I inhale and take a sip of the hot liquid.  As I swallow my mind empties and I realize I am holding my breath and I take a deep exhale.  Finally I inhale slowly and fully, letting the breath relax my entire body.  Finally a few minutes just for me.
I look forward to my “cup of tea”.  On the rare day that I go without it I feel a little sad.  Like I have missed something very important.  Yes I find my tea pleasurable. I look forward to it about lunch time and think of it excitedly until tea time.  I would even say I desire it, or long for it.  Do I have an emotional attachment to tea, maybe but more to the event, the time set aside for tea.  As innocent as this sounds could this attachment be a hinderance to my yoga practice?  I am unsure but this process helps me to understand this sutra.
Emotional attachment derived from experiencing pleasure creates desire and weakness of mind.  The sutra alerts us to the danger of desire, which often leads to “greed and lust which strengthen attachment and stimulate a greater craving leading to addiction and to gratification of the senses.”  Therefore, we use our senses to lead us away from our true selves instead of liberating us from our sufferings.

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