Yoga Sutra ii.21 “tadarthah eva drsyasya atma”

“Nature and intelligence exist solely to serve the seer’s true purpose, emancipation.”
The “seer” atman, or atma in sanskrit, is an individual’s soul.  The purpose of the soul is achieve complete freedom.  The mind and the ego hold the body and soul captive.  A prisoner of emotion, circumstance and ignorance.  The ego and mind blame other people, the weather and the external environment for their internal environment, which is changing constantly and is usually overtaken by the heavy weight of darkness.  This darkness brings fear, sadness, self doubt and self loathing.  The pain felt while experiencing this darkness is self created.  The individual may subdue it with pleasurable thoughts and feelings for a while but it always returns.
The individual can use nature and intelligence as tools to overcome this suffering.  Observing the cycles of the earth and the life and habits of earth’s creatures can teach us how to exist in the physical space as well as our bodies.  We can begin to understand we are not victims of nature or anyone other than ourselves.  We are governed by nature and when we go against nature we suffer.  But nature does not seek us out to destroy us.  Once this understanding of nature is firm the individual can use this “intelligence” to govern actions and thoughts.  When the realization that only the individual can create suffering is achieved a choice can be made to be responsible for your life and be free; but if this knowledge is ignored more suffering will occur.  We choose the cycle of our lives but our ignorance and self created darkness looks outside of ourselves for the answers that can only be found from within.

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