Yoga. Start practising it now and have a joyful life.

Yoga is an art of living. It’s Sanskrit word is “yuj”. It means unity. The union of our individual consciousness and the universal consciousness.  In other words, it means by giving up our all intentioned act and to live naturally by following the flow of nature.  It is not something mythical. It is not something we created. It is something already there. We can discover and experience it by practicing yoga.

The main purpose of learning yoga is to know about our true nature and to live our daily life with this new experience of who we are. By discovering it, it will change all aspect of us: including our personality, the way we see the world, and how we interact with them. We are all living like a blind person with the limited data that we received from our senses. We are not seeing thing in a larger context. We have not seen the truth. We have to discover it.

Why is it so important? It is because by knowing the truth, we will see thing more clearly, react to the incident in our life more correctly, and, we will find out the meaning and direction of our life.  In other words, we can manage our life to become more correct and effective. Moreover, living in a yoga life makes us happy, joyful, calm, still, healthy, vital, vibrant, fearful, and full of love. The joy that we get from it is unconditional and real. Joyful is what everyone wants to possess, but most of us do not know how to get a real one. By merely fulfilling our desire will not lead us to it.

In conclusion, practicing yoga lead us to know ourself and the world better, and it bring hapiness to our life. Hence, why don’t we start practicing it now. Practicing it with a correct understanding of what yoga is, and what the purpose is. With the correct intention lead us to the correct fruits.

We have to thanks for the sages of the ancient time to reveal us the truth, and all the methods for discovering it. The methods are including the Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas, Shatkarmas, and Meditation. The first five methods are the preparation methods for us to purify our body and prepare ourself before we go for higher spiritual practices of meditation. Yoga is not just a physical exercise on the mat. >.<

I have been coming so far before I can meet you guys in Tirisula and learn this precious wisdom together. Even though climbing up to the mountain of wisdom is very difficult and full of challenge, I will keep on climbing. See you guys on the top of the mountain. Thanks for all the teaching from Master Paalu, Master Satya and Andrea. Thanks for the first yoga teacher I met in this studio, Leah. Thanks for Sree for his yoga and meditation class. I really enjoy the class.  Thanks for all.


Bee Sin

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