Yoga as a solution for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome involves imbalances in female hormones.
The symptoms in women include:
• Excessive hair growth
• Reduced fertility
• Irregular menstrual cycles
• Mood swing that can cause anxiety and depression
• Weight gain
• Premenstrual Syndrome
• Higher incidence of breast and ovarian cancer
The true cause of PCOS was never really known. But it is found out that in some cases PCOS runs in the family; in other cases, patients of PCOS have high insulin level or high male hormones, Androgens.
The treatment of PCOS is normally piece meal and symptomatic. For instance, contraceptive pills are used for regulating irregular menstrual cycle; Dietary changes are used to combat weight gain; medications are used to block male hormone; Clomid is used to regulate the hormone production to induce fertility. Patients who suffer from depression as result of PCOS are often advised by psychiatrist to take mediation to balance their hormones.
As a sufferer of PCOS, I feel that not enough is done to help understanding the real course of PCOS. There is no one treatment that is used to combat PCOS. Rather, the treatments are used like all other western medications to treat the symptoms.
With a better understanding of Yoga and the science behind Yoga, I feel that yoga could be used as a more holistic treatment for the illness. PCOS basically is caused by the imbalances of hormones in the body. As Dr Sujit Chandratreya in his article Endocrinology of Ashtanga Yoga believes that Yoga is a way of balancing hormones.
Many aspects of Yoga can help someone suffering from PCOS from breathing practices, Asanas, having a Yogic diet and Kriyas, as long as it Is done right. For instance, Anuloma Viloma or even Bramari helps the body to clam down and relax. This function itself will increase the balance the parasympathetic nervous system, increasing blood flow to the reproductive system, stimulating the system. Asanas such as twisting pose has an effect on the adrenal gland that also releases the sex hormone although not as much as the ovaries itself.
Together with the cleansing and satvic yogic diet, I believe it will help soon help to balance up the imbalances in the hormones that PCOS sufferer experienced.
Chandratreya S, Endocinology of Ashtanga, viewed on
200 Hr weekday TTC Sep 2014

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