Yoga Self Practice and schedule

What do people want to achieve from practicing Yoga?
If a person only want to have a fit and flexible body, then he only need to attend Ashtanga Yoga Asana classes regularly. After the person has gain sufficient knowledge of his own body posture and awareness of his body muscles, he can be sufficiently self-disciplined to practice them regularly and that will be sufficient.
However Yoga can provide other benefits beyond most people’s imagination. There are 2 other main Yoga practices besides Asana – Meditation and Pranayama. Meditation can lead to the path of Samadhi – which is being unaffected by the surroundings and being always in constant peaceful and joyful state. Pranayama can lead to the path of Kundalini – which is always being invigorated, full with creativity and full of love of everything (something like being high on Marijuana – but on a permanent basis with no withdrawal)
On hindsight, Asana is to make the body healthy, meditation makes the mind healthy, and pranayama makes the soul healthy.

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