In the philosophy of Yoga, all matters in the universe made up from the materials called PRAKRITI – Prakriti is thought to be made of three primary GUNAS (qualities). It is believed that GUNAS are in everything and everyone in this world – just a matter of porpotions of which GUNAS are dominating and which are less significant.
There are no English direct translation fro GUNAS, in some human behaviour studies, GUNAS could be translated to ‘personalities’.
The three gunas are tamas, rajas, and sattva. As mentioned earlier that GUNAS are always present in all beings and objects around us but vary in their relative amounts – including foods. In Ayuverda, it is belived that our foods are affecting our GUNAS (quality).
Foods that considered under SATTVA are like: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains – basically foods that giving you energy. While RAJAS food are more like: Spices, coffee and tea – Stimulating enery kind of foods. And TAMAS food are: mushrooms, cheese, beer and sugary food – it is considered as food that taking the energy away from you.
Ideally we should avoid TAMAS food, be aware of RAJAS food (we do not want to be too stimulated and bring the balance off to the bad side). SATTVAS is the one ideally we want to achive.
This is not a rocket science, but it is totally make sense for one to eat healtily to achive a balance in their life.

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