My Yoga Reflection

I have come to my final week of the 200hr YTTC. Despite my insane excitement leading to this training, I never could have imagined just how life-changing this experience would be. I came to Tirisula Yoga with the idea that I would learn how to practice yoga with the correct alignment. I couldn’t have been more naive.
Without a single yoga practice experience and going back to school after 3 decade is really tough for me. With all the assignments, projects, studying for theory exam and long list of Sanskrit name of asana poses to remember really putting lots of stress on me.
But I have never regretted on this insane decision. Through this training, I found an entire new journey and path of life. I now strongly believe that there is a never ending learning journey in yoga. During this 5 weeks of intensive practice, it helps me to discover a sense of calmness and the ability to let go through my daily practice on the mat.
Yoga has enabled me to see and feel huge different in myself physically but more importantly I was surprised to discover it has help me build strength emotionally and mentally.
I am totally convinced of the benefits that yoga has brought to my life. I would love to share this joy with more people and hopefully to create a positive change for my friends and the community.

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