Yoga Is The Best Present I Have Given Myself

Do you have a bucket list? Yes I do. One of my bucket list is to pick up a new skill by this year. While thinking of what should I learn I considered a few factors. First, I want to go for something which I am interested in. Second, I want the skill I learn can be applied in my daily life. Third, I wish to share this knowledge with my friends and family. After considering all these criteria and factors, Y-O-G-A this word comes to my mind. Bingo! This is what I want! Interested, can helps to improve my own health and of course I can teach people as well. Kill 3 birds in 1 stone.

After attending the YTT course I find that what I have learned is totally beyond my expectation. My vision is broadened. Asana, Pranayama, Diet, Anatomy, Philosophy of yoga, the list goes on… Nutshell, yoga is not just about poses, I will now see it as how you live your life. To me it is a lifestyle.

Now practicing yoga has become my daily routine. It doesn’t matter it is asana or pranayama. Every day I roll out my yoga mat and practice my morning routine which is recommended by Master Paalu. I really enjoy this me time, especially everybody is still in sleep and the whole house is so quiet. I feel the calm and tranquility of mind. Each of my inhalation and exhalation is heard vividly. Of course, I love the sweating after stretching, twisting and bending each inch of my body. Each day I am pushing myself to test my body limit. At the same time, through all these practices I learn to appreciate each part of my body more. When exploring new poses and facing difficulty to get into the final pose, I talk to my body. I thank my arms, my back and my legs. I thank them for accompanying me to go through all the hardship. I know I am not alone.

Time flies, now it has come towards the end of the training. 2 more weeks we are going to say goodbye. As what Master Paalu said, yoga is a huge topic. What we are learning now is just the tip of the iceberg. Every class I am overwhelmed with new knowledge and new topic: Spiritual, life philosophy, energy… It is such an eye opener for me. I am get hooked now. The only solution is to keep on learning and learning…

I just want to say this is the most valuable present I have chosen and given for myself. We always thanks people for their kindness, help and guidance. How about yourself? Have you ever thank yourself? This time round I think I really deserve it. Thanks Carmen!

Last but not least, a big thank you to Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling. Thank you for your selfless sharing and guidance! I wish you both and Tirisula all the best in future. J




Carmen Soh

YTT Sep 2017 (Weekend)

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