Me and My Yoga Practice

Yoga is the only exercise which has made me fall in love with it. Though along the way I took breaks in practicing yoga, but in the end I always come back to practicing yoga. Perhaps it is the excitement that brought me back into continuing my practice.

Indeed there are other health related benefits that you gain when you practice yoga continuously. Yes, everybody agrees that being able to make those difficult poses are a kind of achievements which bring back the same feeling when we first scored a full mark for our exam.

People age and cannot stay young forever. It is perhaps the most popular excuse that people use for not doing any exercises. I agree that you will have less energy to spend in the gym when you become older, but that does not mean that you can stop doing exercise. Researches have proven that yoga is one kind of exercises which you can practice regardless of the age of your body. It may even be beneficial to your aging body and slow down the aging process. It is an exercise which is very safe even for old people. I believe it is an exercise which I will always do even until I am old.

Yoga poses move almost every muscles and joints in my body. It is an exercise which bring inner peace, awareness & focus to the mind of the practitioner. Practicing yoga has been proven to be helpful into developing a peaceful state of mind which in the end will enhance my well being. It is a wonderful form of a physical and mental exercise.

I believed that most of us agree that certain yoga poses are not that straight forward and often made us frustrated. The challenges increase progressively but the reward comes as a sweet feeling which embraces us the moment we are able to make the poses perfectly. The pain is the cost, but the sweetness is the reward which I can never forget. I still remembered scratching the back of my head to figure out ways to make those difficult poses. I went to Google and YouTube for helps, tips, tricks, and techniques on how to perfect my poses. For an instance when you want to make the forward bend pose which may look pretty straight forward, only if you have practiced for a very long time you will know that the trick lies in lengthening your spine and rotating your hips forward according to your body’s flexibility.

Jogging and running are probably the simplest form of exercise which one can do since you just need a pair of shoes to get you running. However, how many people or how often have you heard excuses related to weather which prevents one to go for an outdoor exercise. Yoga practitioners have no reason to make when it comes into practicing yoga. One just need a yoga mat in order to make their yoga poses at home. They can even do it while they watch TV which means they can do it anytime and anywhere.

All in all yoga is a timeless exercise which I can still practice even when I age. Excitements of progressing into making the perfect pose and calamity are the reward when I practice yoga. Those are the things that always bring me back to yoga.


Teresa Rinda
200hr  YTTC (Weekday – Nov 2013)

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