Yoga practice

I love doing yoga.

Here are some rules that helps me to enjoy my practice:

  • Have a good yoga mat and comfortable apparel
  • Find a comfortable place for practice
  • Start every session with gathering thoughts to here and now and hold it during the whole session (Not easy one. If I notice that my thoughts are far, I gather them again)
  • Reconcile asanas with breathing
  • Breath deeply and slowly doing asanas
  • Focus on breathing and on your inner body feelings helps not to digress from practice
  • Stay in each pose as long as my body wants(for stretching poses) or can (for strengthening poses)
  • Finish session with Pranayama

Sometimes I am practising yoga outdoors. There are many distractions for me, like ants and other insects, noise, other people. That can be a challenge. By following these rules I can enjoy my practice anywhere.

By Kateryna Lemeshko

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