Yoga Philosophy teachings reflects life

When I was introduced to Yoga philosophy as part of the 200 Hr Yoga Course at Tirisula, I didn’t quite connect at first but I kept an open mind because I wanted to learn more about it. After 2-3 sessions on Yoga Philosophy, especially the yamas and niyamas, I thought about the teachings and how this can be applied to my life. What struck me most was the fact that the teachings advocate high moral character and ethics. Furthermore, once you have understaood this basis, you find true freedom, peace and calmness within yourself. When you are void of negative feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy, etc… the energy flow of your chakras tend to open up more smoothly, become purer and in turn you become healthier in both mind and body. Then, you are able to focus more effectively (and think clearly and objectively) on the things that you want to do in your life, not only the asanas but the activities/ actions in your everyday life.