Santosha is the second of the Niyamas of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. Santosha means contentment. Whether it is about getting a job or buying a big ticket item, there is always a better choice somewhere that is beyond my reach, not yet launched or advertised. Having this urge should be fine but it is kind of getting into me when I start to experience mood swing, easily irritable and spending a lot of time thinking about it. It feels almost like I am basing my happiness upon this. It is part of a human’s nature to always want more and will not rest until we satisfied this urge.
Each time it strikes, it took lots of effort to “shake” myself out of this trance. It is not the end of the world if I failed to get that job promotion or that nicest yoga leggings is sold out or that yoga wheel prop doesn’t ship to my home. This endless spiral of desire, desperation, sadness and uncertainty is a real struggle and to escape, practice non-attachment. Looking for that peace and happiness that lies within. Fashion, technology and even weather, are constantly changing. So are our body and mind.
By building the intention to learn to self-appreciate and self-remind of constant changes are bound to happen, you will change to be better and better things will come. Meanwhile, stay humble.
Louise (200h Weekend YTT July 2015)

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