Yoga Philosophy – Niyama (Santosha)

For many people, we get swayed by many marketing tactics used commercially that are always convincing us that we need more – new limited edition running shoe, discounted $1 computer set etc. Friends who worked shorter hours but enjoy higher pay, triggering us to question our remuneration package. However if we have santosha within us, we will be contented with what we have, appreciate how fortunate we are to be blessed with current situation. We will be able to focus on the moment and to accept that everything has a purpose and the solutions to all issues will be available for us when we are ready to receive it. As the saying goes “when the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear”. We will then be able to grow from reacting calmly to life’s challenges.
When the mind is calm and not flickering, we are in tune with the surroundings to feel every breeze that caress our cheeks and every scent in the air.
Poh Ru
YTT Weekday July 15

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