Yoga Philosophy to Live Better

So far, I considered yoga as any other sports activities.
I used to practice yoga about once a week, firstly to balance my running.  Same as any pilates, or swimming sessions.
Now, I understand yoga is much more than a weekly activity. Yoga is a philosophy, a lifestyle to follow. Then, and only then, we can see the real benefits of yoga.
We have to be consistent outside of the mat and keep the yoga spirit so it all really makes sense.
The yoga philosophy lies on facts and acts to make us feel better. Eat better, sleep well, eat healthy, exercise, and connect within us.
For instance, being more aware of our body during the practice also makes us more watchful in regards to the food we eat. Naturally, I recently started introducing more fruits into my diet, ate more fresh food. I want to give the better to my body, to respect my body, to love my body.
It helps to release the stress, outside of the mat.  How? It gives strong tools to manage external, aggressive situations.  Keep breathing for instance. Learn to delegate more, because of trusting the entourage.  Stay away from negative things, noise, people. Stay focus, keep priorities, instead of running everywhere.
Yoga is also about reconnection. We need to stop moving, thinking sometimes. Meditation is one way. Then we can feel our body, our soul living. We can appreciate again the surroundings, the beauty of the word outside. Well, that brings calmness, contentment, a form of happiness.
Keeping the yogi spirit in our daily lives really helps to “zen”, in other words, to live better.
Sophie, 200 hours, weekday program

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