Yoga Philosophy – The Cleanse

I found out that cleansing was a big part of yoga practice. There are six different types of cleanses for different areas of the body. I have tried four so far. Kapalabutti which was for skull cleansing, which is a breathing exercise. Neti for synis area, whereby, you push a rubber tube up your nose and down your throat to grab and to pull out of your mouth. When we tried this in class I couldn’t do it neither could most of the class. It tickled the nose and made me cough. Then there is Nuli, where you have to churn your stomach which is good for the small intestine.
Finally, the last one I tried was Bati, the colon cleanse. I did this when I was on a business trip in Malaysia as all the hydro clinics seemed to have closed down in Singapore. There are two main clinics that pop up on an internet search which are ‘Pure Detox ‘   and ‘Pure Health ‘. I went to Pure Detox, it is run by a husband and wife team that were just lovely. They went through all the facts about the colon with videos and diagrams and the benefits of having it cleansed. I didn’t realise that most illnesses/diseases start in the colon. They walk you through the procedure, all the elements like the disposable tubes and machine used. Everything was very clean.
Once I was hooked up to the machine you have to do an initial test with about a litre of water because some people cannot do it, as they find it hard to release the water. They do not pump water anymore as the industry realised it is not good for the colon, now it is all done by gravity. After passing the litre test the treatment began.
The treatment lasted 40/45 mins and is the weirdest sensation. The feeling of always having to go followed by stool movement, quite embarrassing especial as they have to check on you every 10 mins. I did a treatment every day for 5 days as the saline water goes up further each time and as the stool softens it comes away from the colon wall.
One time I had to tell the lady to quickly leave very funny really. The gross part is watching what comes out as it passes through a clear tube. After the treatment they give you a fresh squeezed juice which they add a shot of probiotic to replace all the good bacteria.
Was it worth it? I would say so I felt a lot healthier and a little lighter. I was glad to get rid of stuff that had probably been clogging my colonic system for years. Plus it was definitely value for money. It was way cheaper than what it would be in the UK. I would recommend if traveling to Malaysia or anywhere else that does it, give it a go! You have nothing to lose except excess stool!
Niki Clarke
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