Yoga Philosophy – Asteya

Asteya for everybody living in a modern society
There was a period of time in my early 20, when I and my girlfriends started our first career and earned income on our own, we loved to spend the money for the nice shoes and bags. Often we showed off what each of us got and we felt fulfilling by talking about how well we spent money to buy those stuffs. With a mixed feeling of being envious and jealous of, we had competed each other over shopping. Not only the materials we owned, we even had compared each other by the salary level, job and boyfriends. Yes, that is what we call ‘Materialism’ and I admit I had gone through it, rather heavily.
In every aspect of lives, we compare ourselves to other people and some of us put the benchmark of their own lives to what someone else has and build the envious feeling within us. Even sometimes, the enviousness turns into the jealousy. The jealousy causes hatred, it is a worm in our mind that kills your pure motivation to achieve your own life.
I have seen some of my girlfriends competing over friendships, compare each other who has more friends than the other, there’s even no need to mention the people checking how much asset others have.
Unfortunately we are living in the society where the quality of life is measured by the materials and it is difficult to separate ourselves from what is considered as norm in our world. But we should always remember we should live our own lives, not someone else’s and you don’t have to jealous over other people.
Asteya in yoga philosophy teaches us not to steal someone else’s either tangible and intangible things. The desire to steal something comes from the jealousy or enviousness.
Many times, we forget how enough we have already. Think about the job you have, the meal you just ate today, a clothing you are wearing. You may not be very satisfied with them and wish you have a better one, but there might be someone else who desperately need them outside. You are already blessed to have them enough, you don’t need to chase after someone else’s life, your life is already filled with bless and happiness. All just comes from your mind. Or you might find bigger satisfaction with your life by giving what you have to other people. It will make you realize how much you have already.
Live your life, not someone else’s, try to see deep in your life and find out what you have, what you can share. Do not let yourself to lose the control of your life, you own your life.
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