Yoga Philosophy

The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body, and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated. The central philosophical teachings of yoga revolve around the practice of mental discernment, detachment, spiritual knowledge, and self-awareness.

When practice physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation, I felt that I am becoming a better person and hopefully to bring some impact to others with my positive light.

  1. It teaches me: I can make my life better and to live in such a way that I carry inner peace and compassion for others, wherever you go, at all times.
  2. It brings clarity in my mind. It creates a deep awareness from within of how I should live and how I interact and react to others.
  3. It helps me to see others in a different light.
  4. It reminds me that despite the struggles I’m facing I have peace that will carry me through all obstacles.
  5. It calms and actually helps relieve stress.

It promotes a humble attitude within me and to show others the same humility.