Yoga Philosophy an myself

Joy, anger, anxiety, jealousness and boredom are five feelings that we come across on a daily basis. With the exception of the first one (even though 24/7 joy can be very unhealthy) we should be able to deal with the feelings, otherwise one risks being “eaten alive” from the inside out even if they are all feelings that in small doses are healthy, because that way we remain disciple, focused and dynamic.
Yoga and asanas, meditations and its spiritual outlook to life can be of help and support if ones negative feelings risk taking over one completely.
Here is a small guideline to try and get those feelings a bit better under control:
– Asanas, when practicing our asanas we can concentrate on something different and regenerate our energy and feel better and calmer, so that we can look at a situation from a less emotional perspective and by doing that be more effective / fair and a better person
– Breathing, when we control our breathing through inhaling and exhaling we are able to lower the blood pressure and the anger and become calmer.
– Mediation, be practicing this regularly we will be able to let loose of those negative feelings and cponcentrate on the essential while having the brain “cleared”
– Try to apply the yoga philosophy to one’s life as stated in Patanjali’s eight-fold path of the five Yamas: the moral, ethical and societal guidelines for the practicing yogi. These guidelines are all in the positive, and become descriptions of how a yogi behaves and relates to her world when truly immersed in the unitive sate of yoga and these are: Ahimsa (Practice of None-violence: this includes physical, mental, and emotional violence towards others and the self), Satya (truthfulness: try to live and speak the truth at all times), Asteya (non-stealing: best explained as not taking what is not freely given), Brahmacharya (continence: states that when we have control over our physical impulses of excess, we attain knowledge, vigor, and increased energy) and Aparigraha (non-coveting: try to let go of everything that we do not need, possessing only as much as necessary).
And filially take each day step-by-step.
05/08/2015 – Niken Nurul Puji Lestari

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