Yoga nidra for better sleep (Rali) – Anatomy

Most people around the world suffer from lack of deep sleep. Which can result in irregularities in the body, moodiness, depression and a whole host of other problems that make our lives unnecessarily complicated.

To solve this problem one must attack it at it’s root. In the case of sleeping problems the root would be our pineal gland. Which regulates our melatonin levels and causes us to fall asleep. 

One can justifiably assume then that sleeplessness and insomnia are caused by the pineal gland not doing it’s job properly. Which leads to chaotic thinking and sleeplessness. One can try to solve this problem by managing it’s symptoms first. 

How ca we calm a chaotic mind? Meditation is a wonderful tool for doing so, but an even easier/more accessible method would be the practice of yoga nidra. By practicing yoga nidra one stimulates the pineal gland. Regulates melatonin levels, and makes the mind quiescent which will ultimately lead to a more peaceful mind and better sleep.

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