For yoga, what is Namaste!

In yoga people’s life, people often put their hands on their chest and greet each other with Namaste. At the end of the yoga class, the teacher and the students will say, “Namaste,” what does the word mean? What do you say when a friend who has just met yoga asks you what Namaste means?

Namaste is made up of a few Indian sounds: “Nama” stands for bow, “as” means I, “te” means you. Therefore, Namaste means “you and I bow to each other” or “I bow to you”, meaning “hello, welcome” and “hello”. Namaste’s gesture is to place your hand in the center of the body (the position of the heart), close your eyes and nod. You can also mix your hands with your brow wheel, nod and take your hand to the wheel. Nodding and closing your eyes can make your mind more inward. With this gesture, you can help strengthen the deeper forces of the center of the heart chakra.

Namaste is a communication that represents the souls of each other, and through Namaste, the philosophy of yoga says that every human heart chakra has a sacred source of power. Through the posture of Namaste, the relationship and the sense of trust can be communicated through the spirit center.

Namaste, simply saying, “you are love, abundance and peace; I am also love, abundance and peace.” Because of this, there is a world of love, abundance and peace.

FRT (200 hr TTC May 2017)

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