Yoga n me

Have been practising for years. When I just started yoga for fun and health at the community club. Never have i come to think that, i will practice it for so long or even to the point of taking up TTC. Through the years of practice, i started to realise the change in my body. It has been many times that my friends highly encouraged me to explore other studios to broaden my horizon. But I was hesitating. Came 2020 where the covid started, that year is a turning point for many people. Including myself. Since then I have been working from home and more time to spare. I started again to explore other yoga studios, accidentally came across Tirisula yoga studio whereby they offer some courses. I was thinking, why not gain some knowledge since I have been practising for a while. So, I tried the short course before I hit the TTC, surprisingly I enjoyed it very much during the course, i had gained new knowledge on yoga and the benefits and knowledge was amazing. These had re-confirmed me on my choice, yoga to me is not about how wonderful one can do in asanas, it’s about the balancing your mind, body and inner soul. And practising the yoga philosophy towards yourself and others. Gradually, I do realise that I had overcome some fear and mentally strengthen myself.
My close friend highlighted to me that she can sense the change in my inner self. She liked the changes in me and that kept me want to practice more and spread the spirit. Loving yourself is important so why not let go of little things in life…..and continue to practice.