Yoga Misconceptions

When people learn that you are practicing Yoga, regardless what level you are, probably you will run into variety of comments/questions. In my case, these are 5 common curious statements I always come across. As a Yoga enthusiast, every time I would try to respond at my best:

  1. “You must be so flexible to be able to practice Yoga! I can’t practice Yoga because I’m not that flexible.”

My Answer: My body is not that flexible neither. My hamstrings and hip flexors are tight and I still can’t go deep in my backbend. (I can go on and on… with the lists of my body inflexibility, but remember I should bring out only positivity, so I stopped it there…) If our bodies are not flexible, that gives us even more reasons to practice Yoga. It will improve mobility, posture, muscle coordination, reduce the risk of injuries and muscle soreness.

      2. “I’m too old to practice Yoga, it is only for young people!”

My Answer: I have met my Yoga classmates in their 50’s or 60’s who started practicing late in their age, but continue practicing regularly. Several times, they will leave everyone who’s in 20’s, 30’s in awe, as they can do headstand skilfully or touch their chest on the mat in Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose) with such flexibility. It’s never too late to start making improvement in your flexibility or strength. There are different type and level of classes for you to explore as the beginner. Just start, regardless of your age, soon you will see benefits and progress!

      3. “Yoga is so way too slow exercise, it’s not challenging for me.”

My Answer: There are several yoga classes and types for you to choose based on your preference, not all yoga classes are slow. If you prefer more dynamic, you can try Power Yoga which is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-style Yoga. It emphasizes on strength and flexibility. Or Ashtanga class that you can practicing advance postures in a fast-paced, this requires coordination and flexibility. It will surely raise your heart rate as cardiovascular exercises.

      4. “Yoga is only for slim people!”

My Answer:  ..Rolling my eyes before answering…I have seen many sizeable people, but able to bend, roll, twist, inversions (anything you can name of in yoga) much greater, deeper and stronger than slim persons. If you are bigger, doesn’t mean you are unhealthy or can’t be flexible. Yoga, just like some other sports and exercises, can’t be characteristics limited to a single body type.

      5. “Yoga is expensive!”

My Answer:  You need only 3 things in Yoga: 1. A mat (which you can find the basic one for less than $10) 2. Your body and 3. Your open heart & positive mind 🙂 You can do Yoga from anywhere. All you need is some free space, whether in your living room or park and you don’t even need expensive gear.


What have you heard and how did you respond? 🙂