Yoga & Me

When I first come across Yoga was 20 years back. Back then to me Yoga is something for old people to stretch their muscle or bone and for flexible peoples. Also, back then Yoga was not so popular yet. And i was totally forget about it and choose other form of exercise like Aerobics, HIIT more intensive exercise.

Then, 10 years back. When I was walking across a sport shop and the Mannequin was wearing a stunning yoga outfit!! I am like “wow!!” look at that! then all the commercial of yoga related advertisement started to hit the top line in sport commercial. With most of the social media like Instagram and Facebook, neh, don’t deny that you wasn’t being “suck” by the beautiful Instagram photo posted by all the Yogies!!! Just like the simple photo below. Who don’t want ah? hahah

There, I got my first Lululemon yoga top and pant and signed myself up for this beautiful poses only exercise. I remember i went to a very “atas” yoga studio, which the place itself is “atas” and they have all “atas” students. I still remember my very first pose – Uttanasana (Standing Forward fold). Hecked!!! My arms was hanging in the air! I cant touch the floor!! When i look around i got shocked and pressured over my surrounding! There’s the only class I attended, then I give up. Cos it does not inline with what people told me “Yoga is to reduced stress!” I somehow got even stress attending the class.

After sometime, I got a girl friend attended her YTT class back from India and she got me to start with Yoga again with simple move. She got me attending yoga nearby my house there I do not travel a lot and more simple yoga – Hatha Yoga. Yah… and here I started my Yoga Journey till now.

YTT at Tirisula Yoga with Master Rum given me the whole knowledge of what is YOGA. I was kind of stress over all the anatomy terms, about our muscle, bone structure, function of each body component, out of second i thought i am study to be a Doctor. But the more you try to understand apply with the 8 Limbs in Yoga, you will find that ahhh.. all this is really a fundamental knowledge in our daily live for us.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga, from Yamas to Samadhi is all in circle. Yoga talk about our breathe control, our posture, our Internal & External self disciplines, concentration, senses, absorption and integration.

Well, I might not be a Yoga Teacher. However, by study Yoga, it really helps me to be a much better me from yesterday, and continue to grow a better me.