Yoga as a Lifestyle

As we embark on this YTT course, I begin to realize that yoga is not only about being able to perform the different asanas which is the training of the physical body. Yoga is a lifetime of fine tuning the body, mind and spirit.


Yoga provides guidelines on the proper type of food to eat that can bring more balance to the mind providing a more positive outlook in life. It motivates me to eat more fresh and natural form of food and not those preserved in boxes and plastic packages.


It makes me more conscious of the type of food that brings the energy down and will pull me more to negative thoughts and emotions. One of them is the mushroom. All the while I thought eating mushrooms is healthy as these are vegetables and are low in calories. Being a fungi, mushrooms grow in darkness and thrive from the nutrients of a tree or decaying wood. It is like taking in all these negative energy into our body if we eat mushrooms.


The yoga breathing techniques calms me. When I find that I am talking to myself, I do the Bhramari Pranayama. This settles down my nerves and frustration.


Yoga makes me more aware of my breathing pace and how this affects my heart rate and state of consciousness. It makes me strive to adhere to Guruji’s advice to practice Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodhan and Uddiyana Bandha just right after waking up in the morning. The 3 pranayamas help to kickstart the flow of energy, just like what coffee does to us every morning.


Above all, Yoga taught me how to let go of my ego and pride… to be neutral at all times in any given situation… to be slow to respond to negative thoughts and emotions… to act without judgement.



Melissa J (200hr YTT – July 2017 batch)

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