Yoga as lifelong journey

It’s 4th & final week of 200 hours yoga teachers’ training course with Tirisula Yoga; cant help but feel that time has passed too fast!
Definitely a steep learning curve; anatomical terminologies and sanskrits names are foreign monsters! To make things worse, the lack of body awareness, strength & flexibility to start with make this journey even harder than expected.
But thanks to Master Paalu & Master Wei Ling, whom have stretched and pull me through beyond my limits. Yoga has built and strengthened my physical and mental limits to go even further in life, be it on or off the mat. From performing asanas to perfecting my own to teaching a class to adjusting my peers… and to performing the more challenging asanas (like Urdhva Dhanurasana & Sarvangasana) which I’ve never thought I would be able to do them! That feeling is simply amazing!
Also!! Not to forget my lovely batch mates whom have suffered and survived through this journey with me. We’ve all made it!! YAYYYY!! 🙂 Your words of encouragement, tips & tricks saved me by alot!! 😉 A BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you :)))
Most importantly, I’ve learnt that yoga is not about jumping straight into asanas. Yoga is more than just asanas alone. Learning the technique is one thing, being able to apply those technique is another. We always hear yogis mentioning about connecting our mind, body and soul. After going through this course, I had a better understanding of this union and able to better relate them during my yoga practice.
I take yoga as a journey, a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Yoga doesnt end in this 200 hours teacher’s training course. It flips open a brand new chapter of my life. Yoga will be part of my life, part of a new lifestyle which I’ll lead, with hopes that i can share it with my family, friends, and even yoga lovers in future, leading them towards a healthier lifestyle!
Grateful to be part of this yoga journey with everyone 🙂
Suanern || Mar Weekday 200 hrs TTC

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