Yoga Lesson plan for beginners plan 2

1. Ask the students if any of them have injuries or health problems. Also ask them how long they have been practicing yoga or what type of yoga.
2. Ask students to sit in any comfortable cross leg position, and chant three oms.
3. Guide students to breathe deeply from their both nostrils. (1 minute)
4. Stand and rotate ankles clockwise/counter-clockwise (10 times both right/left), rotate knees, rotate hip joints, rotate hips, twist, rotate wrists, rotate shoulders and finally slowly tilt head right and left, up and down and rotate.
5. Sunsaltation. (easy version: from standing to step back, downdog, knee, chest chin down, low cobra, down dog, step front, standing) 3 rounds.
6. Come to mountain. Open legs hip width. Inhale stretch both arms up, hands together and exhale bend down till vertical to the floor. 10 counts. Inhale turn right foot out and go to the right side. 10 counts. Inhale to the center exhale to the other side. 10 counts. Inhale bring upper body up and stand in mountain.
7. Warier 2. Inhale right leg back and turn right foot to the back and left foot in. inhale arms to the side and bend right knee. 10 counts. Do the opposite side.
Repeat from the right side.
8. Bring left knee down, bend right knee, and slide right foot a bit forward. Inhale place palm on the right knee and bring hips down. 10 counts. Do the other side and repeat 20 counts.
9. Sit down and bring legs in front. Bend right knee, inhale raise left hand up and exhale twist to the right side. Count 10. Do the other side. Repeat and count 20,
10. Lie down on the stomach. In hale baby cobra, count 10. Repeat.
11. Bring both arms in front and boat pose. Count 10. Second time arms legs higher and count 10.
12. Child’s pose. 10 breaths.
13. Half shoulder stand. Hold 10 breaths.
14. Fish pose. Hold 10 breaths
15. Savasana.

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