Yoga Learning Journey

My main objective for attending the 200hr weekend TTC is to deepen and widen my knowledge in Yoga Practice.

During the first two weeks, I felt that I am one of the weakest student. Diligent practice of the 5 steps that Master Paalu told us to do daily, my body become more toned, muscles strengthened,  a stronger core and  confidence gained.

Lessons include – Philosophy of Yoga, Physiology and Anatomy of our Human body system, different types of Pranayama techniques,  Sutra Neti , Yoga Nidra, Aura, Ayurvedic Diet and Asanas.  Practical lessons include correct asana alignment, partner work, and tips to align students.

Lesson Planning is also part of the course syllabus. Both Master Paalu and Master Wei ling gave us valuable feedbacks for improvement  before and after we teach the class.

Project Work – we are divided into groups for project presentation on illness that affect different parts of our body system.  The presentation was scheduled timely .  It provide us as a revision for our theory examaination the following week.

Course mate – Here, I met friendly, caring, sharing course mates from different walks of life, from university students to working adults.

The course has opened up my perspectives about Yoga.  Yoga is not all about Asanas. It includes other aspects like Pranayama , Meditation and others.

To conclude, my ten weekends are fruitful, fun and well spent and  objectives  achieved. Is great to meet fun , helpful, sharing, motivating friends ,  and most importantly experienced, knowledgeable , friendly , Yoga Masters,

Last but not least , my greatest blunder, is on a fateful day, I wear  one of course mate slippers home wrongly.


200hr Weekend TTC March 2018

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