My Yoga Journey (so far)

I would say my yoga journey started when I was just a young girl watching my grandfather practice his yoga sequences and occasionally joining in. All I remember from those occasions was that I had a lot of fun. As the years went by, life took over and soon yoga became a distant memory.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I started putting significance and more time aside for exercise, I would join in for yoga classes here and there. It was only really the start of this year when I joined a yoga studio and signed up for one month of unlimited yoga classes. It made me realize how much I was enjoying myself during the classes but then after a while that wasn’t enough for me. Yoga classes especially beginner classes can only teach you so much and I was yearning to deepen my knowledge. After lots of research I decided that joining a teacher training course would be the best path for me. This way I could learn the foundations of yoga for my own yoga practice and also have the opportunity to be certified as a yoga teacher, opening up doors for me if/when I was ready to take that step.
As I sit here writing this blog post days from my teacher training course coming to an end I realize that I have gained so much more from this course than what I would have expected. The amazing teachers, Paalu and Wei Ling, have not only taught me about the many limbs of yoga but also about life perspectives and well-being. My fellow students have inspired in so many ways and I will always be grateful for the generosity they have shown by sharing their knowledge with me. I truly feel blessed to have met all of you. Since this is my last post, I would like to dedicate it to my dearest husband for supporting me throughout this journey and for being my very first student.
By Rhadhika

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