My Yoga Journey

I’m 21. I grew up, as many/most Indian children do, thinking yoga was a bunch of breathing exercises that only old people did. All the gurus and yogis that I had seen growing up didn’t look at all like me and yoga didn’t look like an appealing activity at all! Before starting this course I had taken yoga classes on and off for a few years, but never really committed to a yoga practice until about half a year ago. I came to this course without a steady yoga practice but I’ve come out with more of a structure with how to move forward from here.
One of the biggest things this course has taught me is that I need to spend more time making time for things that aren’t school. Being a student, that’s never very easy to do because you’re always surrounded by work and there’s a lot of guilt associated with taking time away from work to do something else. But other things, like my health, fitness, wellbeing, and peace of mind are also important too and I’ve realized that I can’t take away time from those either. My yoga journey starts here: at the end of this 200 hour course, where I now have things to work on and motivate me in my future yoga practice. I hope to spend more time on myself after this course and to improve as a person, not just as a student!

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