My Yoga Journey

I started yoga in my late teens, with very irregular practices at a fitness centre. My initial sessions were very slow and I hated it. I felt like I was getting nothing out of the session. Oh by the way, I rate each class by the amount of muscle aches I get after the lesson. The more I ached, the more likely I would show up for the next session. So when I didn’t ache after my first few sessions of yoga, I stopped showing up. After many months, I tried with another instructor and this time, I loved it. I ached for 2 days straight. That could also be probably due to my generally low fitness levels, but yoga was something I got intrigued by.
Many months/years later, and lots of courage later, I finally sucked it up and signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training Course. I didn’t want to become a yoga instructor. Well, at least not till another few years. But what made me sign up for the course were the words “no pre-requisites” and “for anyone who wants to learn yoga”.
Generally not a morning person, waking up at 6am for the yoga classes over the weekends was crazy hard for me. But now, even on off days, I seem to be getting up much earlier. I am beginning to embrace this morning cycle. Not having done much yoga over the years, the lessons were not easy for me and seeing almost all those around me performing so much better than myself was almost discouraging, initially.
However, over the weeks, I have learnt that this yoga journey isn’t about how much better or worse than anyone else I am. Instead, it is about how much better I am today than I was yesterday. With the course coming to an end, I am nowhere near the end of learning yoga. I believe the journey has just barely started and there is so much more for me to embark on.
I never thought I would say this, but I am going to miss these 13 weeks of yoga lessons. And hopefully, when I look back at this blog someday in the future, I would have mastered my nemesis – the headstand 😉
200hr TTC – Weekend

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