My Yoga Journey.

Before I embarked on my journey to learn yoga in depth, be it for myself or for benefitting others through my teaching in future, I have many friends asking me “Why yoga?”.
Yes, why yoga at this age when my peers are all working hard at the corporate sector. I used to be part of the economics sector, dealing with policies and economics regressions. Well I thought by doing that, at least I thought, I can help people through the policies. I have never denied that I am a naive person, and when the truth struck me that I am under red tape, office politics etc. and not being able to achieve my goal, I chose to leave. Impulsive as it may seem, but I can tell you that I have never regretted my decision. This decision is also one of the best which I have made in my life.
I have embarked on a journey that transformed(and is still transforming) my life, especially this January when I enrolled in the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.
I’ve never been a morning person since college. I stay up till late at night and sleep till late the next day. After beginning my journey this year, I learn to discipline myself to learn to enjoy waking up to enjoy the morning sun, and observe the morning calmness which I have always been out. It might seem trivial to many, but it is a great change to a “nocturnal” animal to learn and appreciate the sun rise.
Through this journey, I’ve learnt how to be grateful. I used to be negative about many things around me and complains when things don’t turn out to be how I imagined them to be. This journey taught me to be grateful for what I have, and be grateful to people who have entered my life, even if they are people who hurt and left me. This yoga journey has transformed my perspective of the world around me, and turned the negativity in me to a positive energy which I learn how to see things from a different angle and changed my way of thinking.
This journey is also the first one which I learnt deeper into the spiritual aspects of yoga. Before this, Yama and Niyama (The Eight Limbs of Yoga) were words I have never come across in yoga studios as the beauty benefits of yoga were more highlighted. It is new and interest me greatly, and it is more like a teaching to me, rather than merely a theory, and I tell myself I want to follow these teachings and practise them in my life.
I recall Master Paalu telling us in one of our classes that by embarking on this journey, we will start to lose people around us. He seemed to be “scaring” us initially, but I pondered on his words after that class and realised he was indirectly teaching us to learn to let go. Letting go of people, your feelings and letting them leave your life is never an easy task. In life, we should learn how to let go, so that we can welcome new things, new people and a new life which is ready to transformed us.
As I end my article, I would like to share this quote which I read from another writer who also wrote on her yoga journey – “The gym transformed my body, but yoga changed my life”.
To many who still think that yoga is merely a form of physical exercise, yoga is a life changing journey which I will never regret embarking on; and I will continue share the love, impact the people around me positively and help people through yoga.
With love,

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