My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started 3 years ago, May of 2016. At this time I discovered that I like to do yoga by accident, I was in my low life period and problematic stage of my life when I discovered or starting doing yoga, I heard about yoga 10 years but I never consider myself to be interested on it. Because I assumed it is just a boring way of exercise or maybe you have to fit to be able to do yoga, seeing one of my colleague back in the Philippines, she was very fit and sexy by that being said I was actually also intrigued at yoga every time I see her.


Then May of 2016 I was so confused and miserable why I have to face so many problems in my life, its like never ending failure and the solutions was very slow, everything I do is like against to my will. Then at some point of my life I said I wanted to do something new that I never did before, something that maybe it will help me to be stronger especially in my emotions, get rid of my problems for a bit and not focusing on it. The one day I was walking down the road I saw one building with poster promoting yoga, then it was just out of nowhere going direct to that building and started to inquire about the yoga class, how much it is and how many days per week they do the classes, then immediately after hearing the information about this yoga class without thinking twice and just straight signed up on the class. The next day I already attended the class and oh boy I was really amazed and passionate about how the yoga exercise affected me, I have so many things that I liked just in one day, first I like the way the class or the poses flows, the instructor the way he teaches is just like he knows me before, there’s already a connection, I like the way  of the yoga program itself, you are able to concentrate, define why yourself is in this moment, you are being true to yourself and also it is just like you are treating yourself to be yourself, I like that how the instructor deliver his words it was just really feels like he was just talking to me directly like he knows what I am dealing with in my life. It was really help me alot.


Then when we begin the practice I don’t feel any pain I actually did well on the first, even the instructor said that I was good for the first timer doing yoga, It was very overwhelming to hear, I felt light not only in my body but emotionally it was really good. I feel like by doing yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down. When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.


Then when I came back in Singapore I automatically signed up for yoga classes its just like I don’t have to do a decision to make, my body and my brain already decided for me that I have to continue doing yoga.

And now I am here to even more understand deeply about yoga, which I am very happy every day because I am learning, continue growing and explore the possibilities in life through yoga and fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.


Charisze Kaye Boesgaard,

200hrs YTTC March 2018