Yoga is nourishment, not consumes it.

Yoga is nourishment, not consumes it.
In the past, when the word exercise was mentioned, people would instinctively fear and refuse, afraid of sweating and sports injury, refusing to exercise after the feeling of exhaustion.
Yoga is different, yoga is a sport, but higher than exercise
From the yoga class form can easily see, other sports are just the exercise itself, like if you want to run, you just stretch and run, like swimming, change your swimsuit and get in the water.
Yoga is different. A 60-minute yoga class includes:
-10 minutes of meditation
-10 minutes of warm-up
-30 minutes of asana
-10 minutes of relaxation
This is also in line with the Yoga Sutra in the introduction of the 8 lotus, the spirit of yoga contains:
-Observing precepts;
-Regulating Breath
-System and Feeling
-Mental State
Not just asana or meditation or any other.
This process is both a process of exercise and a process of inner practice, so compared to other sports that only consume physical energy, yoga is to restore physical fitness.
Yoga brings us physical recovery.
After practice, we feel relaxed. Other sports require physical exertion and exhaustion.