Yoga is not only about posture


There are many benefits practicing spiritual yoga, you can cultivate both body and mind. Today, Social pressure is increasing, excessive stress and tension can unbalance the mind. Weakened mental health can seriously affect our health. Practicing spiritual yoga will enhance mental strength and then provide balance in our daily life.

Indeed, there are many benefits of practicing yoga asanas, but its main function is actually to help stretch the body’s meridians and stretch the body’s tendons, so as to achieve the function of opening up the body’s meridians and achieving the purpose of health. If you can cultivate the mind, you will reach the highest state of yoga.

If you want to delay aging, you must first increase your body’s flexibility, so you need to do more exercises that increase your flexibility. And yoga is the best exercise to increase the flexibility of the body.

However, there are many people who practice yoga and are not in good health. What is the reason? It’s because they don’t cultivate the mind. In fact, most if not all illnesses origin from the mind, and everything revolves around mental health. No matter how perfect the yoga pose is, the mind will still get sick if you don’t cultivate the mind.

How do we cultivate the mind, the Yoga Sutra explained

1. Yoga is the discipline of the mind, senses and the physical body. Yoga aids in the coordination and control of the subtle forces within the body.

2. With Yoga you can have complete mastery over the mind, passions, emotions, impulses, temper, tongue, and so forth. The body and mind will be ever at your beck and call.

3. Yoga advocates complete detachment from secular interests for the sake of practising uninterrupted meditation. It recommends meditation on the inner light of the heart or anything that is pleasing to you. It prescribes that one should withdraw oneself from the ordinary affairs of life for the purpose of practising constant meditation. Therefore, building a calm and healthy mind. 

4. Ignorance, egoism, infatuation, aversion, and craving are the five obstacles to life.

5. The restless mind must be rendered quiet by reducing your wants, by destroying useless earthly desires. Have one strong desire for liberation. Then you can open your mind to the higher spiritual influences.

6. Peace of mind comes from friendship, benevolence, compassion and joy and equality.

7. All things are one, because this is the evolution of the whole.

8. When the mind becomes a higher form of spirit body, it can be aware of higher consciousness.

9. Those states where all desires are completely eliminated are called samadhi.

10. Continuous evolution to the end, becoming an obvious transformation, this is absolute freedom.

Practicing spiritual yoga comes hand in hand with mental conditioning and finding balance in both mind and body!