Yoga is love

I’m an extremely busy person – constantly juggling to do so many things at the same time. As a result, I’m constantly stressed, trying to finish 1 task after another, not being mindful and able to enjoy life. I felt like a zombie and began to question what’s the purpose of life.

Yoga has helped me so much and showed me that life is full of love.

It started from the ‘feel-good’ after a yoga class – my body feels better, my mind feels calmer. Whenever I don’t practice yoga or exercise at all during the day, I get angry and irritated much faster, I do things without much thinking, resulting in me spending more time in doing each tasks, which ultimately results in more stress and loss of productivity.

Now I thank myself for practicing every day – even a quick yoga stretch helps me a lot. I know that by making time for the practice, I’m saving a lot of time doing the other things as I’m able to be more mindful and to enjoy what I’m doing more. Above all, I get present to how I’m affecting the people around me when I’m constantly busy and stressed. Every time I practice yoga I remind myself to be more intentional in what I’m doing. This allows me to truly experience the beauty of each moment and as a consequence, feel the love of the amazing people around me.

There’s still so much to learn. I’m so blessed to have found yoga in my life and I’ll continue to explore more and more.