Yoga is; freedom

The end of one journey begets the beginning of another odyssey; learning to teach vis a vis teaching to learn.
Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response unlike our reactions, lies our growth and our freedom, hibernating abundantly. Yoga is a living process where the crux does not lie in visible attainments; it lies in experiencing, enriching and exploring. Experiencing a process, a movement, while attainments are static; one is internally exploring about the whole field using the energy systems of the mind+body to find out, how universal patterns express themselves through individual idiosyncrasies. Yoga also involves the process of enriching one’s energy, moving out the blocks that limit one both physically and mentally. Akin the farmer who ploughs the field to soften the soil, we can plough our nerves, organs to produce a better life with the psychological and physiological understanding of the asanas. In the genesis, to perceive the unknown, the mastery of the known, must be essential.
Within the subtle enigmatic imprints of nature, resides the ambiguous,ambidextrous progression of art and science. Yoga being an art-science evolves, revolves, re-evolves, catalyzes, rewires, inspires, the archaic union with Self.
Perhaps the timeless maxim;”Know Thyself“, emblem by the ancient Greeks exemplifies; the truths, concentric, contemplative, meditative, magnificent. Just as a sculptor uses the chisel, as a painter uses the brush and palette of color, a musician uses the harmonic instrument; the yogi uses this body to refine our involution.
The ultimate freedom is; when the body is liberated from the shackles of diseases, when the mind is liberated from the shackles of fears, then the intellect is ever alert, ever active. In that activity alone there is creativity, in that creativity alone there is liberation, in that liberation alone there is, precision.
With motion; comes flow; springs velocity.

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