Yoga is an exercise on the outside, and a honing process on the inside

The attack of Covid 19 has pushed mankind to human limits, giving human in a shock and fear, taking away human originally normal lives, and we can never live like how we did before Covid 19. We have to change our old habits, experience anew a different environment and lifestyles

During Circuit Breaker, it was as if the “STOP” button was pushed: people were locked in their homes, losing their usual lifestyles. It is especially in such a period that we would cherish everything more, and better utilize what we have. We have also learnt to be patient, slow down out pace, and better experience everything around us. 

Having inner serene actually gives peace of mind.

During the locked down in our homes, as usual I wake up at 6 every morning and practice yoga as a discipline. By slowly recalling and practicing what I have learnt from previous lessons on yoga exercises, I increasingly find that I can obtain satisfaction and relaxation from yoga. Yet due to learning without a Yoga instructor supervising, I often doubt whether my postures are correct. Since I love yoga, I want to have a deeper understanding of it. Thus, I signed up the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course at Tirisula Yoga Training Academy.

I am already approaching my 50s, and know that my body is very “stiff”. Yet for love of yoga, I am willing to be hardworking, learning and understanding yoga from the beginning. After trying the lessons, I felt even more that this is the right choice, though this comes with a price, literally, haha.

For the exercises in Yoga lessons, every movement, every posture, has its reasons and logic behind it. We can’t do them in a haste. The more we understand it, the more we feel that yoga is extremely beneficial to our body and heart.

I enjoy every Yoga sessions of learning and practicing very much. Master Sheer is right: every day, we are a different self. Our body and heart changes differently every day. We cannot see them, but we are actually able to feel them, yet, many times we do not discover them. Because of our ignorance and busy schedule, we have neglected them, not treating and understanding ourselves well.

Yoga contains posture practice and meditation, both of which are very important. Posture practice can be trained through physical capability, while for meditation, its aim is to make us focus, to relax your mind, and eventually let us better control our consciousness and obtain inner peace in our heart. Through practicing meditation, we can relax our mind, as well as our emotions. 

Yoga is an exercise on the outside, and a honing process on the inside. I am still learning its mysterious beauty.

I believe we are always learning in every stage of our lives. Do not let your age constrain you. It is the attitude that is important. Set the right attitude, relax your mind, and you can definitely achieve more with less sacrifices. Then, the results are no longer of such significance. It is the process that matters more.

I really like myself at this moment, being able to do what I love. Since my children have all grown up, I now have more private space and time to enjoy the life that I want, not troubled by anything, and always be contended with what I have and experience happiness.

Life should be like that – experience it, feel it, enjoy it and love it!