Yoga is.

Yoga… is boring.
I signed up for my first Yoga course at a community centre in 2006. I fell asleep during Savasana, and didn’t return for another session.
Yoga… is refreshing.
A couple of years later, an ex-colleague was clocking hours for her YTT practicuum, and asked if I could attend a session with her. A few bhastrikas and a bucket of a sweat later, I was a convert.
Yoga… is humbling.
I take centerstage in my classroom, but in a yoga studio, I am always humbled. I am everything that the ideal student is not — I am inflexible, I have little muscular strength, I have absolutely zero body awareness. So in the yoga studio, I am the student that instructors pass by without adjusting.
And that, is the draw of Yoga. It forces me to recognise everything I am not, to know my limitations, and to choose whether or not to push through and progress in my asanas, or give up trying and say it’s not for me. The best part of this dilemma it constantly presents me with, is the peace that comes with it that I love so much. Tangible progress is not the only source of calm.
Yoga… is a journey.
I signed up for the YTT to explore this source of the calm that envelopes me after every good yoga session, and to have someone — and myself — invested in my progress. It is 4 weeks into the course, and ever more clearly than before my weaknesses shine through. An unexpected companion though, is my determination to progress. I am still everything that I was, but now I’m equipped with a stronger awareness and the know-how to improve. Sure, I am still the slow student, but even the tortoise gets to the finishing line. At its own time.
Move slow, live long.

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